Kringle Project

Our mission is your Future!

We already have an agreement with YoBit and Cryptopia exchange platforms. They will list Kringle coin on a fixed $1 price in early 2019 but the agreement has a conditional. We have to sold out a specific amount of Kringle for a maximum of $0.1 per coin. This is because of the cost of listing process and to revive supply & demand. Once we sold out they will agree it has a value so they can make it available on the market. We are working hard for the TBC community and Kringle itself.

There is a long way behind us and it`s an incredible success we`ve reached so far. We keep working day by day to find new investors becuase this is the only one hope for TBC holders. This is the door of future and we are only one step from that.

Why Join Us

High Revenue

This time we have 3 investment packages. Our Supporter Pack costs $500 which contains 5000 Kringle. In a few months you will be able to sell them for $1 each which means $4500 profit instantly. There is also a Contributor Pack which costs $1500 and contains 20,000 Kringle. This case you pay only $0.075 per coin. As you may already know you are going to be able to exchange them for $20,000 on the crypto exchange. Our Investor Pack costs $5000 but you pay only $0.05 for each coins. That means you will get 100,000 Kringle! Let`s do the math...

Nothing to Loose

TBC community is incredibly huge. Sooner or later our project will go viral on social media and we will reach our goal. At that point all of TBC holders and also you will be able to migrate Kringle into YoBit ot Cryptopia. In 2019 it will happen for sure so actually you have nothing to loose.

Do it for the Community

It`s time to accept official TBC exchanger will never come. We have already accepted it and that`s why we created this website. To be honest this is the only one chance of TBC community. I`s time to get together and change the game. It`s time to change your whole life and bring the light to people deserve it. Does your family deserve a better life?!