• The
    Revolution of
    The Billion Coin

    2019 is going to be the time of all TBCians. This is the final Revolution of The Billion Coin which finally fulfill it`s fate.

  • Listing on

    Our goal is get Kringle coin listed on official Cryotocurrency Exchanges. Kringle (previously known as The Billion Coin, TBC) is a securely encrypted and widespread cryptocurrency to finally get listed!

  • Trade,
    Buy & Sell

    Traders are going to be able to Buy & Sell Kringle just like any other cryptocurreny. Holders will be able to transfer Kringle coins straight to the Exchange Platroms from tbc009 wallets without any fees!

Request Pricing

Request Pricing


Kringle will get listed on Crypto Exchanges

We need to sell out a specified amount of Kringle coins for $0.1 each. After that Kringle will get listed on $1 price which is already fixed. It means if you wish to join to our project with only $500 investment you will be able to exchange your coins for $5000 in a few months from now. We believe in our project and hope you do, too. We need TBCians to make it happen so if you are not able to invest help us by sharing our project. Remember once Kringle will get listed you won`t be able to Buy as low price as $0.1 ever again. After we sold out the required amount Kringle will get listed instantly on the following exchanges. 

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Over 1.5 Million Users

Cryptopia is a small trading platform with a daily turnover of $21 million. This exchange has many advantages that make it special. Cryptopia opened operations in 2014 and in 2018 it`s reported over 1.5 million users.

More than 7000 pairs

Yobit.net is a Russia based cryptocurrency exchange that is famous for its controversial nature. For the implementation of the exchanges of the ordinary registered user is available-more than 7000 pairs to trade cryptocurrency.

Buy & Sell from your phone

On YoBit and Cryptopia you can exchange cryptocurrency instantly. Once you veryfied your account you can even withdraw your money in Fiat Curreny. Kringle will get listed soon on these trusted and secure trading platforms.

Kringle Project

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Kringle Project Status


We have to sell out a specified amount of Kringle to get listed on Exchanges. Once our project status reach 100% Kringle will get listed immediately on the mentioned cryptocurrency exchange platforms. More investors we find sooner it happens. As a prediction we will reach our goal in early 2019.

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